*****Acryliques 2011 / Acrylics 2011

Summertime Try to see the world behind you Let go zulu-woman-II Lines Sultan_Palace the_necklace zanzibar zanzibari-jewels Morning Light ndebele-necklace-3 the-village-by-the-lake arniston Arniston 2 bord-de-route-27 bord-de-route-28B bord-de-route-29b bord-de-route-30B bord-de-route-31 bord-de-route-32 bord-de-route-33 bord-de-route-34 bord-de-route-35 bord-de-route-36 bord-de-route-37 bord-de-route-38 bord-de-route-39 flowing triptych-a triptych-b triptych-c slant squares Zanzibar-veils Arniston-bay arniston-IIIb

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