Journée de la jeunesse aujourd'hui en Afrique du Sud, en commémoration d'une autre journée dramatique où des jeunes ont montré beaucoup de courage - ou de ras le bol? et qui s'est finie si tragiquement. Pour ceux qui ont la mémoire courte, ou ceux qui n'étaient pas venus sur le blog l'année dernière, allez voir .

Comment vit-on cette journée ici? C'est un jour férié, et l'ambiance est à la fête. En gros, c'est devenu la fête des enfants. Dans notre résidence, un petit manège, des ballons partout, des animations diverses, concours d'avion en papier, jumping castles, etc... et le tout gratuit. L'année dernière j'ai eu un peu de mal à gérer ces souvenirs douloureux et la joie des enfants sur les manèges, mais c'est certainement plus raisonnable que de ressasser.

Youth Day today in South Africa, to commemorate another June 16th, when youths showed courage, and which ended so tragically. For those with a short memory, or those who didn't visit the blog last year, click here. Sorry for you guys, I've just realised I hadn't translated the post; if you really are interested, just let me know and I will make and effort ;-). To sum it up briefly, on that day, June 16th 1976, young black kids from schools decided to take to the streets in order to protest against a law compelling them to study in Afrikaans. Just look at the photos to see the answer they got.

How do we live this day here? Well, it's bank holiday, and the atmosphere is quite merry. In our residence, there are balloons everywhere, they've even organised lots of things for the kids, a merry go round, jumping castles, paper plane competition, ... and everything is free. I must admit that last year I found it hard to see all these smiles on the kids faces and to think of the kids demonstrating more than twenty years ago... but I suppose it's better to celebrate this day happily, instead of keeping turning over these memories.